Wednesday, December 21, 2022 Evening Service

Bible Versions 12

Help With Reading the King James

We’ve been over the flaws of the new versions (what they take out, add, and change), their flawed foundations (manuscripts, texts), and the flawed reasons for accepting them as older or better (Westcott and Hort’s textual criticism, the Septuagint fable).

We’ve mentioned the flawed fruit of the new versions and the great fruit of the King James, which we covered more thoroughly in our Church History series (on our website).

For our last week in this series on Bible Versions we’re going to assume a few things:

This last week I want to give you some things to help you with your King James Bible.

“The King James is hard to understand”

A common thing that people say is, “The King James is hard for me to understand. The other versions are easier to read.”

An interesting fact, something amazing, and a challenge

Last, I’m going to give you three things: an interesting fact, something amazing, and something to challenge you.

Resources to help you while reading your Bible

I lied before, I’m going to give you one more thing: some resources that will help you.