Discipleship Course 47

Sunday, January 30, 2022 Evening Service

Serving God through the Local Church

Why should a Christian become an active, serving member of a church?

A local church goes beyond two believers meeting together. It is an organization of believers pulling together for God’s glory. It includes a pastor and can include elders and deacons.

What is the Purpose of the Local Church?

  1. To provide for the believer strength, security, and comfort
  2. To stimulate growth

How does one find time to be active in the local church?

  1. Serve as a family
  2. Prioritize
  3. Count on God to enable

Why do people not get involved?

  1. Sin
  2. They view it as optional
  3. Hobbies, crafts, sports, entertainment takes precedence (idols)
  4. Narrow view of service
    • Time and place oriented
    • Needs to be a lifestyle
  5. Feel they don’t have anything to offer

At what point should a person take a step back? - Burnout happens. You need rest. - Sickness - Priority - Prayer - Conviction

How to motivate children to serve? - Example, modeling - this is the biggest - Children notice if you are different at home than you are at home - hypocrisy - Creative - make it fun - Joy in service

What is a Good Church Member?