Nine Revelations

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 Evening Service

There are several types of theology:

  1. Works-based

    Holds that a man gets saved by works.

  2. Calvinist

    Holds what is called TULIP theology:

    Total Depravity - man is totally depraved and cannot turn to God of their own will.

    Unconditional Election - God chose who would be saved and lost before the world began.

    Limited Atonement - Jesus only died for those He elected (see above), not everyone.

    Irresistible Grace - God comes on the elect and forces them to accept Him.

    Perseverance of the Saints - the elect will not fall away (if someone falls away, then they were not elect).

  3. Armenian

    Holds that a man gets saved by faith but must stay saved by works (he can lose his salvation if he sins).

  4. Bible-believing

    Holds that a man gets saved by faith and cannot lose it (even if he stops believing).